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The requirements for using pyvttbl are:

  1. Python 2.7.x (This package uses the OrderedDict and Counter objects introduced in the collections module of 2.7. )
  2. SciPy : (tested with 0.9.0)
  3. NumPy : (tested with 1.5.1)
  4. Matplotlib : (tested with 1.0.1)

Options to install pyvttbl

  1. Acquire pyvttbl from PyPi

    1. get setuptools
    2. run easy_install -U pyvttbl


    the module should install unzipped

  2. Install from source

    1. You will also need to acquire dictset and pystaggrelite3


    If you use easy_install it should automatically acquire dictset and pystaggrelite3.

    1. Obtain source from PyPi
      1. Unzip
      2. Run “ install”

To develop pyvttbl you should also have:

  1. nose (using 0.11.3)
  2. Sphinx : (tested with 1.1.3)
This software is funded in part by NIH Grant P20 RR016454.
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